Monday, 31 August 2015

Fall vignette

                                               Hello Friends!

               It's been feeling like fall in my neck of the woods this past week!

              Thought I would change up my table centrepiece with a fall vignette!

                                  SUNFLOWERS AND ROOSTERS!!

                                                       Brightens up the room !

                                          Any plans for your fall decorating yet?



Sunday, 30 August 2015

Wild Flowers

                                           Happy Sunday!

         Hope your day is filled with Love and Sunshine!


Thursday, 27 August 2015

Feels Like Fall

                                             Hello Friends!

         With temps dipping lower and lower it's time to start picking up my
                 hook and finish this fall Afghan I started last spring!

                        As well this pumpkin pillow I started rug hooking last August!

          Do you have any projects that you start and then stop for lack of interest or maybe time?


                                                        Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, 26 August 2015


                                      Hello Friends!

           Just thought I would pop in and share a little of this and that.

                    I have been busy in my studio with my grand daughter
                 cooking up some ghostly....haunted .......looking house.

It all started a few years ago when I thought I would dabble in making doll houses....

That's where it ended... I made a small doll house and it sat lonely in my crafters closet

Then this year I tried to come up with some new craft or creation that we could work on together.
You remember that Miss A. also loves to create....She visits me during the summer school break.

So out came the doll house... and out came the paints......

                                 Let's make a HAUNTED HOUSE!

Friday, 14 August 2015

Cut Flowers

                                         Hello Friends!

                     I don't have to go far to beautiful fresh cut flowers! 

                             Fresh cut from my garden!

                                                           Happy Friday!



Tuesday, 11 August 2015

box cushion for wrought iron bench

                                              Hello Friends!

                  I would love to share with you how my wrought iron bench looks now!

                            A few weeks back I purchased this bench at a country sale .

It looks rather stark without a cushion don't you think so I set out to find the perfect fabric.

Monday, 10 August 2015


                                 Hello Friends!

                  Thanks for all the get well wishes!

               I'm finding that my Chiropractor with traction 2 times a week is working wonders. As well as listening to my own 

It is hard, don't get me wrong....I see a weed in my garden and I automatically lean over
and pull it out......Nope can't do that.......
Fill up the large watering can and carry it out to my potted plants.....Nope can't do that either.

No lifting, no pulling, no long car rides in the old vehicles....and so on and so on......

Well that's enough of me....

                                  Let's talk WEAVING!!!!

                       Do you have a bucket list??

                        Weaving's on this list.....

I set out to give it a try......found this post on AKA Design
                            and thought why not!!!

Supplies I needed:

a picture frame......had a 20x16  canvas from the dollar store
took off the canvas and there was my picture frame that I needed.

Nails 3/4 inch in my hubby's garage

a ruler



a long tapestry needle

3/4 inch piece of dowelling ...dollar store

yarn and plenty of it......

I'm using DK  heavy weight in white.....

There are may Youtube instructions on how to get started.

As well all the stitches and designs at your fingertips.

I followed the instructions on AKA Design Market Makers Summit.

I also started a board on Weaving  on my Pinterest page.......

               Give it a try...very easy and relaxing.....


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