Thursday, 19 November 2015

Faux Birch Tree DIY

                           Just in case you missed this DIY last year I'm                                                 bring it forward again!


  Welcome Friends!

                 I just could not get this Faux Birch Tree out of my head...
                           I had seen it at Target over the Christmas season...

                                       I have just about every decoration out there
                               and I promised myself that I would not buy another.....

                                                   But this one taunted me..

                                           I went back...No TOO LATE!!!

                                                 Yes they were sold out.

                                   So I decided to make my own tree.

                             I had the perfect cone leftover from some crochet cotton
                                                    a pair of scissors
                                                         a cardboard box
                                                        a glue gun
                                                  craft paint (white and black)
                                                       Elmer's glue
                                                           $store sparkles

                                  So I started cutting out tongue like shapes
                                                    and cutting and cutting

                                          Then I started from the bottom and
                              started gluing the tongues all around the base
                                    then overlapping as I went till I had the cone covered.

                                                 Took my scissors and bent the odd one
                                                          to replicate the birch tree.

                             Next came the painting.
                                         The cardboard being a brown taupe I painted
                                                    just enough white so that the brown
                                                         would show through.

                                                    With the edge of my brush I picked up some
                                                              black and dragged it down here
                                                                     and there.

                                                 Once the tree was dry I took Elmer glue with
                                                    a small paint brush and applied it to the
                                                          Added some glitter and applied
                                                           glue then glitter till I was
                                                                 satisfied with the
                                                                 look I was after.

                                            Target's faux birch tree stands 14.5 inches
                                                          mine stands at 9 inches.

                                        I'm pretty happy on how mine turned out and
                                                   saved some money too!

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Wednesday, 18 November 2015

DIY Rustic Snow Ball Decorations

Hello friends, I wanted to share with you today an easy peasy tutorial on
these cute rustic decorations.

Did I mention easy.

Supplies you will need.

Clear plastic ball ornaments (purchased mine at Wal Mart)
garden twigs that are flexible
bag of faux snow
craft paint (burnt umber)
paint brush
jute twine
funnel (made mine with paper)

                First I took off the metal hanger then fed a twig into the clear plastic ornament

                 Then made my funnel and added the faux snow.....

Used my burnt umber paint and painted the metal lids

                       Once the lids were dry I put them back on the plastic ornament
                             and added some jute twine for a hanger...

                              Now you can make your own rustic ornament !

I had seen these at a Christmas store not too long ago for $4.99 each

I had all my supplies already so my cost was $0.....


Copycat  VS


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Monday, 16 November 2015

Frosty the Snowman DIY

Hello friends meet Frosty!

I felt we needed a cheery fellow to brighten our day after having such an emotional weekend with all the sad events  going on all over the world.

I hope Frosty brings a smile to  your face.

This is my newest creation. Made of a large styrofoam ball and some imagination Frosty came to

I tend to lean towards snowman when painting too! I just love their happy faces.
They seem to come to life....just like in the song.

FROSTY THE SNOWMAN....was a jolly happy soul!

I gathered up all my supplies and went to work!

Glue gun
liquid craft glue
googly eyes
styrofoam ball large
orange yarn
piece of dowelling
fibre pot
jute twine

How he came to life one day! It must have been the magic in that old silk hat they found..
                                    For when they placed it on his head ........

                           Do you see the ball decorations .......I made those too !

                                I'll be posting a tutorial on how in an upcoming post!

                                        Wishing everyone a beautiful day!

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Friday, 13 November 2015

Recipe of the Day!

Hello everyone, hope this week has been an enjoyable one!

Once the weather changes and it's dull and rainy  I just want to hang out in the
kitchen. Do you?

First up are these tasty Raisin Scones!

                                                        Raisin Scones

                                           These are the best tasting scones ever!!!

Just in case your mouth is watering and you would love to make these here is the recipe!

2 cups flour
1/4 cup granulated sugar                 Sift these ingredients together
4 tsp of baking powder
1/2 tsp salt

then add
1/2 cup of shortening
1/4 cup of raisins                ***you can substitute with currants***

in a separate bowl
beat 1 egg with 3/4 cup of milk

Add to dry mixture and fold till it is blended.

grease a cookie sheet and add the ball dough.
I pressed the dough into a round disc and patted it down to about 2 inches
scored the top into 8
the secret is not to over work your dough.

Bake in a preheated oven 425 degrees
for 10-14 minutes

I made these the other day to have with Cream of Cauliflower soup!

                                Nothing like fresh scones and home made soup!

Here's my recipe for cream of cauliflower soup!          EASY!

  Chop 2 cups of cauliflower
1 whole sweet onion diced
1 clove of garlic diced
2 tbsp of butter
2 potatoes peeled and chopped

In a large pot saute the above ingredients
then add 4 cups of water
bring to a boil then simmer for 1 hour with no lid
adding   2 more cups of water while its simmering to keep cauliflower submerged

Then with a hand blender cream up soup. I like to keep some of the cauliflower
chunky. But that's my preference.

You can make it creamier by adding a 1/2 of cream or milk.

Dish it up and add some grated cheese.

Cream of Cauliflower soup and fresh baked Scones ! How Delicious!

Hope you will give these a try!

                                         Thanks for following along,

                                          Have a wonderful weekend!


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Monday, 9 November 2015

Can't wait to decorate!

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend,,,

While out touring in the old 47 p/u we stopped and did some antiquing....
in The Red Barn outside of Peterborough, Ontario.

I meant to take more pictures but I did take one.....

I guess Christmas is on my mind.

So many cute antique decorations in this display case!

Well to my surprise just outside the Red Barn is a small
chalet ......

A Christmas Store!

These carollers greeted us as we entered.

This caught my eye right away.
Made of glass it was a solar light .
Priced at $25.

Hmmm couldn't justify paying that much so on to the next items..

This large star was wrapped in burlap...I have a wired star that I could just copy....maybe!

Fell in love with this sign...but too pricey!

Or how about these ornaments with snow and branches inside...This looks like an easy
copycat.....Love the olive bucket they were displayed in. I must admit I didn't see this bucket till I
downloaded my pictures.....I wonder if it will still be there.....

See any decorations or pics that you might like.....

                                   After seeing this beautiful painting I knew that I'm not
                                          cheap...I'm frugal!

                                  CAN'T WAIT TO DECORATE!

                                        CAN YOU!

                               Thanks for following along,

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Friday, 6 November 2015

Beautiful Colours

                      Hello friends old and new!  Hope everyone's week has  been great!

I'm sharing with you today the finished project that I started a few weeks back.

Remember this basket of Stylecraft Spechial DK yarn and I asked if anyone had any
idea's of what I was about to create.

Yes a few of you said Granny Squares and yes you were right. But only one granny square.

Made up of these luscious colours I created one large square.

36 " x 36" great size for a baby blanket. I have been making baby blankets for the future
grand babies.  No there are none in the immediate future.... just being prepared.

Crocheting in this soft yarn the hours just fade away and I forget that I have a
back problem. When I rise I get excruciating pain in my lower back.
Yes I'm still suffering with my sciatic and piriformis muscle act up. When they go into spasm mode
I feel crippled. Then I sit either with a cold pack followed by a hot pack to ease the pain.
I have tied physio,chiropractor and now acupuncture.

I have had lumbar xrays and know I have degenerated disc decease.  But no one has said that
a disc is the problem of my flare ups. ???????

I feel for those with chronic pain.

Anyhow that's enough about me.....

I'm so pleased on how this turned out.

Do you see my wee fur baby. He's never to far out of my sight.

For any of you that knit or crochet I personally recommend DERAMORES .
An online shop in the UK.

These balls of yarn came the other day. Stylecraft Special Dk all the way from the UK.

Any suggestions on the next baby blanket?

                        Thanks for following along,

                      Wishing you a beautiful weekend!

*just to let you know that I am not compensated for this post*

Friday, 30 October 2015

The Art of Weaving

                            Welcome friends new and old!

It's been a very busy week here ,how about yours?

It was Monday and I was sitting down to write a post ....

Well that didn't happen... and here it is Friday....

You see on Monday Mr WWH decided it was time to go shopping for .......

Can you guess!!!! We are renovating our bathroom! YIPEE !!!

But this news will have to wait....and I promise to share with you step by step....