Friday, 29 August 2014

Scheepjeswol Knitting Yarn

                                          It Came! It Came!!

                                   My yarn of course all the way from the UK.

                    I have never ordered yarn on line before or from the UK.

                                                Ok Ok let's back up here!!

              It all started while browsing The Creative Being blog.

                                That's where I saw it......

                                 SCHEEPJESWOL knitting yarn.....

                       I knew I was hooked. This yarn comes from the Netherlands......

                                    So I placed my order with deramores.
                                           (7.95 for shipping and no TAX)
                                          It's so soft and luxurious!

                                   I ordered 3 balls of Scheepjeswol  Batik,
                                                   60% cotton, 40% acrylic....

                              Well I just couldn't wait to get started so here she
                                              is Miss A. modelling her new Slouchy Hat.

                                      Is it not the cutest hat and model......

                                        I love how the colours flow.


                                              Everyone have a fantastic long weekend!!

                                                           See you in September.......

                                                   Thanks for stopping by!
                                                    Love hearing from you!


Tuesday, 26 August 2014


                                                Missed Christmas in July
                                                        so why not August!!

                              Miss A and I have been busy painting.......

                                              No it!


Thursday, 14 August 2014

Painting on Screen

                                                   Always wondered how to paint on

                            Last season while out antiquing I picked up these two window  sashes.


                                 Not sure at the time what I had planned for them
                                        so they sat in my studio till I started decorating
                                                         for Christmas.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Country Living

                                       You know you live in the country when.......

                               You wake up and smell not the roses but the farmers field.......
                                          he's been cleaning out the barn and spreading it
                                             on the fields all around you.

                                                         The sounds of the horses whinnying.......

                                                                               Whinnying horse

                                                                  The rooster...cock-a-doodle-do.....

                                                                            Description Rooster-1.jpg

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Fresh Cutted Flowers



                                                              Happy Saturday!!


Friday, 8 August 2014



                                      Queensville Antique Mall
                                          16,000 square ft. of
                                              eye popping, mouth watering

                  Yes we went to one of my favourite haunts......
                                      But this time we took the

                                    This car......

                                                             our 49 meteor


                                           49 Meteor Deluxe 4 dr

 We usually take the 49 Ford pick up,

 49 Ford

but this time we went for   This car runs so smooth.

                                        Mr WWH restored this car back in 1979.
                                                      Our kids road in the back
                                                                no seat belts......

                                                   It used to put them to sleep.

                                                     We use this car for long distance travelling.

                  I took a few pictures.....sorry I forgot my camera and I'm using my Iphone.

                                                       Upon entering you see rows and rows of antique

                                                                    Well I'm on the hunt today for
                                                                                 anything ironstone.


                                                           Then I came to this booth..........
                                                                  No Ironstone here but look at
                                                                          all the iron......
                                                                            all the garden iron....
                                                    Never noticed that blue object in the far
                                                                right under that wooden box....
                                                                         Can you see it.....pottery????
                                                      Oh I like that white chair too, and the piece beside it.

                                                               Funny eh when you are looking
                                                           in a booth there is so much to take in that
                                                                  you miss seeing most of it!!

                                                                       Is there anything in this booth
                                                                             that suits your fancy??

                                                         Then down another isle I spied this...

                                                                          just $24. and just above it a notice
                                                                              30% off all china in this booth.......
                                                                    HMMMM!!!!! remember this and carry on
                                                                            there could be more.....

                                                               Well there wasn't any more tureens and
                                                                          by the time we finished going up  and
                                                                              down the isles I had forgotten
                                                                                  what Isle I found this at.....

                                                                             YUP!! Left it behind........

                                                                   But I did find and buy these to add to my

                                                                             Orange Harvest Wheat
                                                                                    Pyrex bowls with lids.....

                                                               Thanks I will call again......

                                       If you are ever in the area and you see that tureen think of me.....

                                                               Thanks for stopping by!
                                         Leave me a message, love hearing from you!


                                 Linking with
                     From my front porch

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

A $10.00 Gift

                                 This weekend is our annual family reunion.
                                           We always play games and one of them
                                                          is called  Steal It.........

                                          We bring a wrapped $10.00 gift for any gender
                                                                family oriented.

                                                   I want to share with you my gift.

                                                   Something everyone can use.

                                                   A knitted organic face cloth 8" x 8"

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